Organizers and promoters together deal with the logistics of events of all sizes, and today bear the greatest doubts about the post-pandemic return to activities. To advise its members and the market as a whole, the Brazilian Association of Event Companies – ABEOC Brasil – and the Brazilian Union of Fair Promoters – UBRAFE – prepared a document containing health and social protocols for prevention in the post-pandemic period.

“We understand that as soon as it is possible to return to work, we will have to adapt to the new times, to the protocol requirements needed to ensure health and regain the confidence not only of customers and the general public, but also of event professionals. We, organizers and promoters, decide about and closely monitor every detail of a trade fair, a conference. We are the decision makers. Thus, there nothing is more important than being well-informed and having the necessary guidance to provide more than excellent service, a safe service,” said Armando de Campos Mello, Chairman of UBRAFE.

The document, which has already been sent to the Ministry of Tourism and is expected to be approved by the Health Department, is available on the entities’ websites and social networks. It provides guidance for customers and workers, within companies, in the various areas of convention centers such as food courts, restrooms and parking lots, and also in auditoriums and stands. It includes, in addition to masks and hand sanitizers, the arrangement of tables and seating, in addition to assembly.

According to the Chair of ABEOC Brasil, Fátima Facuri, “after so much down time and with an exceptionally tight schedule, we won’t have a venue for the show, especially when it comes to assembly. We will have to offer our partners and our customers the opportunity to get back to business, in the case of trade fairs, combining access to knowledge with conferences and other components of business tourism.”

Armando and Fátima agree that now is a time for solidarity with each other, with the equipment and with customers: “Working in partnership will make the difference between a hole or a ladder. We want to believe in ladders. It’s time to negotiate dates, share assemblies, split costs. It will be good for everyone. We will have working capital again, and we will set the wheel in motion. I can’t specify when we can return to where we were before the pandemic, but we can begin growing again, with work, learning and patience. Now, with protocols already prepared, our focus is on the date of this return. We need to get back to work,” they conclude.


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