São Paulo State Government announces expected dates for resuming events

Published on 03/07/2020

Moving the expectations forward, the São Paulo State Government announced on Friday (03), during its press conference, the expected dates for resuming events in the state.

Expected dates

The expected date for resuming cultural activities, events, and conventions with a seated audience is July 27, in the municipalities of São Paulo, for the Southeast and Southwest Regions; considering that these regions have been in the Yellow Phase since June 29.

Dates for larger events and other activities that cause overcrowding

Activities such as trade fairs, concerts, sporting events, are authorized after 28 consecutive days for the state of São Paulo being in Phase 4 (green).

The scheduled date for these activities is October 12, considering the start of the Green Phase on September 14.

Conditions for holding events in Phase 4

Establishments such as museums, cultural centers, collections, galleries, libraries, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, cultural events shall be allowed under the following conditions:

  • 60% occupancy
  • Audience standing at a distance
  • Adoption of general and specific protocols
  • Mandatory use of masks
  • Advance purchase of tickets, with numbered seats and pre-scheduled time
  • Control of access and number of people, respecting the maximum capacity

Overcrowding only in the Blue Phase

“Events without control of access and with a large number of participants shall continue to be allowed only in the blue phase”, said Patrícia Ellen, Secretariat for Economic Development.

Source: Revista EBS