With a positive balance and promising future for the defense industry, the 12th edition of LAAD Defence & Security comes to an end in Rio de Janeiro

*”The results of this edition of LAAD will produce positive effects over the next few years. During the four days of the event, we had more than 2,500 official business meetings”, said the CEO of Clarion Events, Sergio Jardim


*More than 38,350 professionals of the industry visited the event, considered the most important Defense and Security meeting in Latin America


*Minister of Defense, Fernando Azevedo: There was an effective participation of the national and foreign defense industry. I had the opportunity to meet directly with delegations and defense ministers [from other countries].”



The 12th edition of LAAD Defence & Security, the main meeting of the defense and security industries in Latin America, came to an end with a positive balance. Between April 2 and 5, more than 450 brands presented the most recent innovations in the segments of solutions, technologies, equipment and services. The fair also received more than 190 official delegations from 80 countries.


“The results of this edition of LAAD will produce positive effects over the next few years. The innovative projects presented at the event will impact the Security and Defense segments and allow the development of projects between national and foreign industries. During the four days of the event, we had more than 2,500 official business meetings”, said the CEO of Clarion Events, Sergio Jardim. According to the organizers, during the four days of the event, more than 38,350 professionals from the sector filled the three pavilions of the event.


LAAD 2019 was also distinguished by the constant presence of first-magnitude authorities. The event was officially opened by the Vice President of the Republic, Hamilton Mourāo, accompanied by the Ministers of Justice and Public Security and Defense, Sérgio Moro and Fernando Azevedo e Silva, respectively.


The governor of Rio, Wilson Witzel, also attended the fair and praised LAAD: “It is an honor for the state to host such a strategic event at a time when the integration of the security forces is being discussed. LAAD has shown that the national industry has the capacity to offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of critical sectors to public authorities, such as prison complexes, and offer solutions for ostensive policing.”


“We received with excitement the event,” said the mayor of Rio, Marcelo Crivella. “It is an honor for the city to host a meeting that highlights security and defense. We all aspire to peace, but this is only possible through the persuasion of weapons.”


For the vice-president of the Brazilian Defense and Security Industries Association (Abimde), General Antônio Burgos, the 12th edition of LAAD Defence & Security crowned the partnership between the entity and Clarion Events: “Mainly for the support we received throughout the event in the articulation between Brazilian and foreign companies to close new deals. In addition, all the knowledge we've exchanged only makes us thank the entire Clarion team for their competence and we hope that the partnership will continue for many more years.”


Minister of Defense celebrates the positive balance of LAAD 2019

After days of an intensive agenda at LAAD Defence & Security, Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo closed his participation in the event with feeling optimistic about the opportunities generated during the event for the national defense industry and for the ministry itself. “There was an effective participation of the national and foreign defense industry,” he praised. Azevedo met this Thursday morning (04) with Sergio Jardim, director of Clarion Events Brazil, who organized the exhibition.

The minister took advantage of his visit to the event to hold bilateral meetings with officials from other countries and to strengthen relations with various nations. “I had the opportunity to meet directly with delegations and defense ministers [from other countries] who were present at the event,” he said. According to the ministry's advisors, a total of 10 bilateral meetings were held with authorities from Italy, Spain, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Guatemala, Zambia and Argentina.


With the Executive Director of the Defense Industry and Development of the United Arab Emirates, Major General Ishaq Saleh Al Baloushi, the minister addressed the cooperation in the area of defense, as well as the possibility of strategic partnership in the defense industry between their countries.

Minister Azevedo heard from Saudi Arabia's Deputy Minister of Defense, Mohammed Almazid, the interest of the Asian country in intensifying business with Brazil in the area of Defense. Almazid praised the Brazilian products such as the Astros System, already acquired by them and the KC-390 freighter. The representatives of the Ministries of Defense of Brazil and Saudi Arabia agreed to prepare a memorandum of understanding to intensify relations in the area of Defense. This document also enables cooperation in the scientific and teaching areas.

Azevedo praised the organizers and said he was pleased with the positive balance of LAAD Defence & Security. “It is very well organized. LAAD is consolidating itself. We are already seeing that the final numbers of this edition will be very good,” he said, after meeting with Jardim.

Exhibitors celebrate contacts and closed deals at LAAD 2019

“LAAD was an important commercial tool for the Inbra group in 2019,” said Claudia Candido, marketing director of the Inbra group. In addition to launching solutions from its product portfolio during the event, the company reported several purchase intentions made during the numerous business meetings held over the four days of the event.

Claudia explained that this year, the participation at LAAD initially had a more institutional character. “The idea was to present the event to the new president of the company, but the event ended up becoming a business opportunity and we have already signed a contract to be here in the next edition,” she said, adding: “The defense industry is going through a very positive moment of unity. And LAAD this year only brought us very good opportunities,” concluded Claudia Candido.

Other exhibitors at LAAD Defence & Security celebrate positive results. For Mac Jee, a Brazilian company operating in the Defense sector, participating in the 2019 edition resulted in partnerships with the Brazilian Armed Forces. “We will launch projects next year together with the Air Force and the Army,” said Simon Jeannot, CEO of the company. Due to the positive balance, Mac Jee has already booked a larger space for the 2021 edition.

The Hytera group is also pleased to attend the event. “About 90% of our revenues come from the public security sector, and this year there was a strong participation of the segment. Many security secretaries and representatives of the Armed Forces showed up,” said Paulo Ferrão, managing director of Teltronic, one of the Hytera group companies. Just like Mac Jee, the company has already signed a contract for the next event, which will happen in two years.

A newcomer to LAAD and South America, Belgium's CMI Defence is another company that was pleased. “The event was great. We met many local companies and members of the Armed Forces. We had at least six generals and many colonels come by our stand,” said Simon Haye, the company's Marketing director. One of the stand's greatest successes was the combat simulator used in troop training. The technology has a touch screen panel and can simulate different scenarios, such as combat during the day, at night, in the desert and even situations of equipment failure.

The exhibitors were unanimous in praising the qualification of the public that attended the event. This year, LAAD received security secretaries from across the country and representatives of armed forces from countries from Latin America, Africa and other continents, as well as independent consultants from the federal government. This is the case of Luiz Anesio, government consultant in the area of aeronautics and air control, who went to the event to get an update on the defense industry scenario and also on the technological innovations. “I came here to know the market, to know how it is evolving, not only in terms of technology, but also how companies are organizing themselves in the sector,” he said.

According to Carlos Cidade, Avibras' Director of Corporate Affairs, LAAD shows the leading role of the Brazilian Defense Industrial Base (BID). "The show is an excellent commercial platform, bringing excellent perspectives to the company. We received countless Brazilian authorities at our stand, including the Vice President Hamilton Mourão and the Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva, in addition to the commanders of the Brazilian Armed Forces and several foreign delegations, reinforcing the importance of Avibras in the world scenario of Defense, Technology and Innovation products,” he said.

Results are impressive and brands already confirm their presence in the next edition

Representatives of the companies Cristanini do Brasil, BAE Systems, Glock and Rafael evaluated as positive the participation in another edition of LAAD. Some of them have already signed contracts for the next fair.

For the commercial manager of Cristanini do Brasil, Antonello Confente, LAAD represents for his company the main tradeshow of the sector and, for this reason, they have been present for several editions. “At our stand, we can welcome customers and members of the Armed Forces,” he said. Cristanini is active in the chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological (QBNR) threat decontamination market and has more than 70 offices worldwide.

Marco Caffe, general manager of BAE Systems in Brazil, evaluated the company's participation in LAAD as very fruitful. "We are very happy with the result of the event. We have made contact with relevant people with the contracts we currently have in market prospecting in neighboring countries and in nations that have attended LAAD,” he explained. According to the general manager, the event also allowed them to receive visitors that represent business opportunities. “New doors were opened both in Brazil and in other countries. It was worth the investment”, said Marco Caffe.

The Israeli company Rafael exceeded all its visit and business proposal goals for this edition. According to the general director of the company in Brazil, Avi Krengel, the organization already has a history of participating in the event. “We have already confirmed our participation for 2021,” he said.

This year, Glock brought to the event 70 weapons that were on display at the company's stand at the fair. “We wanted to reproduce exactly, but in a smaller scale, what we do in fairs in the United States”, explained the president Franco Giaffone. Since 2005 in Brazil, Glock has been participating in LAAD for a long time. “This demonstrates the commitment we have with the Brazilian market”, he said.

Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC) and Taurus celebrate success at LAAD

Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC) and Taurus have been participating in LAAD for 12 years, that is, they have been present since the first edition of the event. “This year, 2019, was the best year for both companies, both for CBC and Taurus. The companies received approximately 50 international delegations and spoke with the secretaries of Public Security, commanders of the Military Police, commanders of the Fire Department and Metropolitan Civil Guards. It was a huge success,” said Fábio Mazzaro, president of CBC.

For Salesio Nuhs, president of Taurus, LAAD is not a networking event, mainly because the issues are institutional. So, what the companies did was to physically demonstrate the new releases, both from CBC and from Taurus, and deliver to each of the visitors who were at the booth all the technical material on a flash drive with the technical characteristics of their products so that the visitors could technically evaluate it to make their bids.

"In addition, they were able to receive all customers who are part of the police, members of these institutions, and all of them had the opportunity to handle the products and new releases, such as the Taurus TSeries line, they were also able to see the 40 mm launch of CBC, Bonded 300 blackout ammunition, among other releases of CBC", highlighted Salesio.

The companies also provided their customers with an unprecedented virtual tour of the Taurus and CBC plants and were able to share with their customers a virtual tour of the production systems of the two companies. "The interest and satisfaction of our customers in seeing how a weapon is made, how an ammunition is made was very clear.  So LAAD 2019 was really important,” said Fabio Mazzaro.

Another highlight was the dinner that the companies offered to all Military Police commanders, Secretaries of Public Security, the Fire Department, and Metropolitan Civil Guards. In the occasion, Fabio Mazzaro spoke about the importance of the company in the scenario of the Defense Industrial Base, and Salesio Nuhs was also able to speak about the new releases and the importance of having in the country plants that manufacture weapons and ammunition and that are part of the Defense Industrial Base.

The video that celebrates the 80th anniversary of Taurus was also presented to all the guests. “So this LAAD really crowned the efforts of CBC and Taurus to offer to public security agencies and the armed forces of the entire world state-of-the-art and good-quality products that can help in the fight against violence, in the protection of people and in national sovereignty. We are very pleased with LAAD and we thank each of our clients and friends who visited us at the fair”, concluded the president of CBC.

Visitors highlight the technology and innovation environment

The leading-edge technology and innovation scenario of the 12th edition of LAAD Defence & Security caught the attention of visitors who visited the event. “I always come to visit LAAD to learn about the latest innovations in the industry. What also draws my attention is the integration of all security segments, institutions and military forces,” said Claudio Borges, responsible for the security sector of Naturgy Brazil, one of the leading multinational companies in the gas and electricity sector.

Paulo Oliveira, from the law firm Rabelo, has been attending LAAD since 2011 due to his interest in practicing shooting and being aware of what the companies in the sector have to offer. This year, however, another interest was sparked: “I thought the fair grew and I found companies like Smith & Wesson, which I don't remember seeing in other editions. The developments in the legislation that deals with the possession and carrying of weapons also attracted me. I need to see how the market reacts.”

Innovation is what also draws the attention of the retired federal police officer, Carlos Rocha. “It is impressive how the security segment has advanced in communication technologies. That's what surprised me the most about this edition of LAAD,” he pointed out. Present at LAAD for the first time, Avibras’ production planner, Marcos José da Silva, said he left São José dos Campos (SP) to visit the event in Rio de Janeiro. “I am interested in the stands that are more focused on the defense area,” he said. He enjoyed the experience and praised the organization.

Proativa’s lawyer and business consultant, Ana Carla Duarte, came from Porto Alegre (RS) to attend LAAD and collect information for the companies involved with the organization that she works for. Ana Carla said that she had already attended three editions of the fair and that this year, in particular, she found the event to be more diverse in terms of companies.

Israeli industry strengthens relations with the Brazilian market

The moment is favorable for the Israeli companies that were at LAAD. The interest of the current Brazilian government in bringing the two countries closer together has resulted in an increased demand for solutions from Israel. “We had an increase in the volume of work in our offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, with great demand for our technologies. Israel is well known for its innovation ecosystem; it is referred to as the startups nation”, reveals Paula Matos, Business Development Advisor of the Israeli Ministry of Economy, who participated in the fair.

For the Israeli Consul for Economic Affairs, Taly Seal-Ordentlich, LAAD allows companies from his country to show their technologies to potential Latin American customers. “Our presence here allows people to see and test current [company] projects. The tradeshow attracts the right business partners for us,” he says.

A trend among Israeli innovations at LAAD were precision detection systems, which allow the target to be accurately hit. Specializing in advanced defense systems, Rafael is one of the Israeli companies with a solution in this line. The novelty presented in this edition is a technology aimed at fighting crime and violence in urban perimeters, which can be used by police forces in security operations throughout the city. The system consists of augmented reality binoculars and intelligence and data processing sensors that enable accurate identification of the target in real time, without putting other people in the same environment at risk. The solution works from end to end, from the collection of data to the final processing of information for decision making.

For the first time at LAAD, the Israeli company SmartShooter brought Smash 2000, a gun control system for infantry weapons and neutralization of drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Under the slogan “A clean shot,” the technology allows you to locate, aim and precisely neutralize moving targets, both at night and during the day. Technology works on most firearms and rifles. “It is the most advanced solution for rifle control,” says Yitzhak Soroka, director of marketing and business development.

Turkey expands its presence at LAAD with an eye on Latin America

Turkey has increased on 30% its participation on the event in relation to the last edition. The growth is the result of an effort by the Turkish government to promote the country's industry, which brought to LAAD 2019 about 20 companies, some of them for the first time.

This is the case of Asfat, a state-owned company under the Turkish Ministry of Defense responsible for equipping the country's armed forces. “Last year we decided to increase our international dialogue in order to be able to serve other countries, taking advantage of our expertise. We are able to export defense solutions, offer equipment maintenance, and establish partnerships,” says the company's Business Development Director, Osman Elibol.

Being a public company, the executive says, Asfat is able to meet large orders from the armed forces of other nations, through agreements between governments. Representatives of the American air force consulted the company, during LAAD, on the possibility of the state-owned company maintaining a fleet of old aircrafts.

He also highlighted the interest in expanding business to Latin America and sees LAAD as an opportunity to open doors and strengthen relationships. “Currently we have a partnership with Pakistan to build ships. Now we want to enter the Latin American market and our presence here is to anticipate this introduction. Maybe next year we will be able to expand our business here,” he concluded.

Havelsan, one of the first companies in Turkey's defense and aeronautics industry, is also seeking to expand its share in the region. “Latin America is a new market and we want to take advantage of the fact that we already have good relations with the countries of the region especially with Brazil,” said the company's Research and Development director, Zafer Özkan. Havelsan operates in four sectors: defense and control & command; communication and information; simulation and training; national and cyber security solutions.

Also part of the Turkish pavilion were companies such as Turkish Aerospace, which offers a varied portfolio of manned and unmanned aircrafts for combat and surveillance, and Aselsan, which offers solutions in various areas, such as a missile launch tower and an anti-drone system.

The United States also had a significant attendance. In the North American pavilion, 20 companies, many of them for the first time, participated in LAAD with a focus on business opportunities with Latin America. This is the case of Drone Shield, located at the stand of Virginia Economic Development, and economic development and promotion agency from Virginia. Drone Shield specializes in solutions for the neutralization of small drones.

Navy and DGS Defense sign agreement to produce tactical vessels

The Brazilian Navy and DGS Defense signed on Friday (5), during LAAD Defence & Security, a contract for the construction of two armored boats, to be adopted by the 2nd Naval District, based in Salvador. The vessels, which will be delivered by the end of the year, belong to the DGS 888 Raptor model and can be used in both port captaincy and defense operations. Present at the ceremony to sign the agreement were Vice Admiral Campos, commander of the 2nd Naval District, Abilio di Gerardi, president of DGS, and Fuad Kouri, CEO of the company.

The new vessels were designed according to the requirements of the Navy, with the objective of increasing the operational capacity of the corporation. The motorboats have a tail center engine – which works by propeller –, being faster, in addition to polyethylene hulls, with high resistance to impacts, longer useful life and easy maintenance. “This model is capable of taking equipped troops and also has firepower, which can be used not only in the inspection of the captaincy of ports, but also in defense actions,” says Vice Admiral Campos.

The partnership between DGS and the Navy has been going on since 2007, when the Brazilian company supplied the first equipment for patrolling. Over the years, projects have evolved and are now technology intensive. The focus is now on exports, and LAAD works as a showcase. “It is a reason for the Brazilian industry to be proud. And the Navy is the face of DGS,” says Campos.

The first steps towards internationalization have already been taken. “The Brazilian Navy is the only one in the world to operate this vessel. But there's also interest from the U.S. Navy. It is a Brazilian product that now the greatest force in the world wants to use,” celebrates di Gerardi.

Symposium addresses the current scenario of public and corporate security in the country

Authorities and the country's leading experts in public and corporate security gathered at the 8th LAAD Security Seminar, held during the 12th edition of LAAD Defence & Security. During the first three days of the event, themes such as “Integration of security forces in the fight against violence,” “The importance of integrated work in rescue operations in Brumadinho,” “Federal intervention in the State of Rio de Janeiro” and “The role of municipal civil guards and integration with state police forces” were addressed.

One of the highlights was the presence of the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Sérgio Moro, who gave the opening lecture of the seminar with the theme “The vision of the new government and the proposals for improving public security.” “An honor to be called to open this event in the presence of a qualified audience. In addition to addressing some aspects of the anti-crime law that we presented to Congress, we can present practical actions that we are taking to improve the judicial and security processes that the country needs,” he said.

In relation to corporate security, the seminar revealed a future with positive prospects for the industry. In a presentation to the panel “Security 4.0: the future of corporate security and legacies for public security,” the president of the Brazilian Association of Electronic Security Systems Companies (Abese), Selma Migliori, highlighted that the private electronic security segment alone earned BRL 6.52 billion in Brazil in 2018. For this year, she pointed out, the perspective is a 10% growth, and 95% of companies in the sector intend to launch new solutions.

Symposium brings together at LAAD forces from Brazil and other countries to discuss military logistics

Over the four days of LAAD Defence & Security, about 1,800 military members of the Brazilian Armed Forces and from several nations shared knowledge in the 9th edition of the International Military Logistics Symposium. The topics addressed were logistics planning and management, procurement of defense and acquisition products, cataloguing and life cycle management.

The meeting brought together specialists such as the Logistics Director of the Southern Command of the United States of America, Colonel David Gibbs, who spoke about the logistics support contract and the possibilities of application based on performance and its impacts on cost, and the Major of Intendency of the Spanish Navy, Gregório Alves, who spoke about “NATO Coding, a boost for the Brazilian industry.” “Delighted to be in Brazil and to be able to exchange information with the Brazilian Navy,” he pointed out.

This year, for the first time, the symposium had the presence of Brazilian speakers such as, for example, the head coordinator of the Logistics Engineering Laboratory of the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA), aviator colonel Fernando Teixeira Mendes Abrahão, who approached the outsourcing of the maintenance function.

LAAD helps to promote the work of the “Heroes of Rio de Janeiro” project

In addition to presenting the main news of the defense industry, LAAD Defence & Security was a platform for the promotion of initiatives such as the “Heroes of Rio de Janeiro.” The project's main objective is to help military police officers to continue their psychological and motor recovery treatments due to sequelae acquired in service, and it is developed by the families of these professionals.

Rogéria Laresma, the wife of a policeman, said that being at the fair was very good precisely to give visibility to the cause that they work for. “The visitation at our stand was high. We have received here ministers of defense and justice, as well as the state governor and deputies.”

A documentary on the subject will be released on May 13th. The material will be available on YouTube and Vimeo from 10pm. “We will also have a symposium on the same day, at 7pm in Sulamerica, here in Rio,” explained Rogéria. Registrations for the event are already open and can be made through the official website of the project (

Upcoming LAAD

The 13th edition of LAAD Defence & Security will take place from April 13-16, 2021 at Riocentro, Rio de Janeiro.


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