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Why visiting

Attendees of LAAD Defence and Security include:

  • Official delegates (senior military personnel) from Brazil, Latin America and other countries;
    • Commanding officers, generals and other senior personnel from the armed forces of Brazil, Latin America and other countries;
    • Police chiefs, secretaries, superintendents and delegates from Brazil and Latin America;
    • Brazilian government authorities and officials;
    • Ambassadors;
    • Military, defense and police attachés;
    • Defence and security industry executives;
    • Civilian and military police personnel;
    • Executives of utilities and government agencies;
    • Journalists for trade publications in Brazil and worldwide.

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Plan your visit

Here are some steps to plan your visit:

1 - Register online to visit.

2 - If you need help with travel and lodging to participate in LAAD Defence & Security, contact Compass Brazil:

3 - You can choose, in advance, the stands that you will visit. The exhibitor list is online.

4 - Soon we will also have available the LAAD 2019 mobile app. During the event, the app will chart your route and help you find the companies, products and services you are interested in. By the end of January the app will be available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Online Registration